Toddler Urinals: Helpful or Hype?

Peter Potty Best Nanny NewsletterProduct Review Sunday

I personally teach boys to potty train sitting down on the potty. But I recently went on a playdate with a two-year-old and the family had a toddler urinal.

The smaller urinal provides the little guy a standup experience because the low basin is easier to use, reducing mess for little boys.

Our friend had the Peter Potty Toddler Urinal. It is popular because it’s a flushing urinal for little boys. After using it, the child loves pushing the flush button. No plumbing is required but they do have to just fill the reservoir at sink. The height is also adjustable and recommended for kids aged 18-months to 4-years-old. Removable Tray holds 50 oz. so you can go all day without cleaning.

I’m not someone who would not want a urinal in the home. It’s not necessary and you won’t find them in most homes. But, what do you think? Are toddler urinals helpful or hype.

You can try out your own toddler urinals by clicking the links below:

Grow’n Up Peter Potty Flushable Toddler Urinal

Lil’ Jumbl Toddler Urinal Wheel Spin Child Choice Potty Trainer (Green)

Lil’ Jumbl Boy Urinal Whale Wheel Spin Child Choice Potty Trainer (Blue)

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