Dr. Umbrella Diaper Poop Wet Alarm: Helpful or Hype?

aaaProduct Review Sunday

To help prevent diaper rash engineers who were involved with the Samsung company developed a Diaper Poop Wet Alarm. It is the world’s first product to alarm caregivers if a newborn to six-month-old has pooped or gone pee in their diaper.

It simply clips on the diaper below the pubis and let’s the guardian know baby’s situation when bbbpooping and peeing using sensor made in Germany and Micom to check humidity in diaper with Buzzer Alarm and LED. It alarms one time if it is a poop and two to three times for pee.

Here’s a video to see how it works:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_KjebMtEtE

Diaper Poop Wet Alarm

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