Daily Compliment Chart: Creative Wednesdays

aaaHow to Teach Kids Respect

Adults complain that the generation of kids growing up today don’t show any respect for elders, others, or authority. Well there’s a lot nannies can do to keep the kids in their care from being disrespectful. They can have fun by playing with the kids to teach them good manners, model being a good role model on a daily basis, compliment kids when they behave respectfully, plan and chart sincere compliments to give to others daily, and even punish kids when they speak or behave disrespectfully. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Play the Good Manners Game

Kids learn though play! Kids love playing school, house, restaurant, and absolutely any real-life scenario you can think of. Simply create imaginative playtime show and pretend to be the child and adults in the situations to help teach them how to behave. Pretend to answer the phone, talk to a teacher, order food, thank people, hold a door open for someone who needs help, listen without interrupting, throw away trash, and so on.

2. Be a Good Role Model

Kids mirror everything you do. If you yell, they yell. If you spank, they will hit. If you complain, so will they. If you are kind, thankful, grateful, and use good manners they are more likely too as well. Reference Livestrong

3. Positive Reinforcement 
When kids use good manners and show respect towards others let them know how proud you are if them. Be sure to recognize their good character, when they follow directions, when make a contribution or are helpful, their good quality of work, and even their great choice of friends. It will make them feel good and more likely to repeat the proper behaviors.

4. Daily Compliment Chart (see insert above)
Ask the kids to give a sincere compliment to someone each and every day. Create a weekly planner or monthly calendar that will help you track their compliments. Each day write who they gave the compliment to and describe their reaction.

Reference: Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing by Michelle Borba

5. Punish Disrespectful Behavior
Decide on a consequence for disrespectful behavior. Do not tolerate a child being disrespectful towards you, friends, or those in authoritative positions. Tell the kids the list of punishments that vary, according to the degree of disrespect so they know that disrespectful attitudes, tones, and behaviors won’t be tolerated. Reference Livestrong

References Include:
Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing

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