Beanie to Prevent Flat Head: Helpful or Hype?

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Nearly 20 to 25 percent of babies get plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome. Newborns have soft spots in their skulls and are unable to move their heads on their own. Plagiocephaly occurs when a baby consistently holds his or her head a particular position especially when laying down. The flattening or molding of the head generally occurs when the baby is sleeping between two- and four-months of age. But I know of colicky newborns who loved a swing who have had flat head caused from an infant loving to rest his head on one side of the swing more than the other.

The Tortle Repositioning Beanie is a soft, comfortable beanie that is FDA cleared to help prevent and treat mild to moderate Flat Head Syndrome.The beanie helps to gently deflect the baby’s head while laying or when sitting in car seats, strollers, bouncers, and strollers.

From birth to six-months, a baby’s head is softest and therefore most vulnerable to becoming misshapen. The makers of the Tortle recommend all newborns wear a Tortle for the first 6-months of life to support healthy development.

To properly use the Tortle Repositioning Beanie, you must pull the beanie down as far as possible so the crown of the head is fitted into the top of beanie and ears are covered. If the Tortle is covering baby’s eyebrows, you can fold the front of the beanie. Once the Tortle becomes too tight, no longer covering baby’s ears, or slips off, begin using a larger size.

You can simply purchase your own repositioning beanie by clicking any of the links above or below:

Tortle Repositioning Beanie – FDA cleared to Prevent and Treat Flat Head Syndrome – Baby Blue – LG

Tortle Repositioning Beanie Medium – Pink


Tortle Repositioning Beanie – FDA cleared to Prevent and Treat Flat Head Syndrome – Baby Blue – LG



  1. I would like to see more research into this, but definitely a great idea and something I have not come across all too much in my research. What are your thoughts on this?

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