Columbus Day Fun

aaaActivities and Children’s Books for Columbus Day

The kids have off from school today, as do many nannies. If you are working with the kids today, here are some really simple projects to do with the children. If you are working, what are you doing with the kids off from school today?

Christopher Columbus Telescope
Take a paper towel roll and cut construction paper to fit around the paper towel roll. Have the children decorate the paper. Then glue the paper to the cardboard roll.

Christopher Columbus Map
Cut the bottom off of the brown grocery bag. Cut the brown grocery bag down the center of one of the sides so that you may lay the bag flat on your work area. Using markers draw the seven continents. Use your paint to decorate the map. Set aside and allow to dry. Roll your map up and place the yarn around your map and get ready to set sail like Christopher Columbus!

Christopher Columbus Hat
Fold a piece of newspaper in the center. Fold the top corner to the center line making a diagonal crease. Fold the other top corner to the center line making another diagonal crease. Fold the bottom edge up about one-inch to cover the bottom of the two diagonal creases where they come together. Open the Christopher Columbus hat and place it on the kids’ heads.

Click here for some children’s books on the subject. Click here for even more children’s books about Christopher Columbus. Here are some great free online resources on the topic.

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