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Obviously the best way to avoid getting sick is by washing hands. But, like most nannies, I use hand sanitizer like crazy when working with kids. The only problem with most hand sanitizer is that the are made with alcohol. My hands are dry, cracked, and have little cuts from dry skin in the winter and most hand sanitizers available on the market are painful if applied to my cracked skin.

But, safeHands®and safeSquirts® doesn’t sting when I use it because it uses Benzalkonium Chloride instead of alcohol to kill germs. Benzalkonium Chloride is a chemical that is considered safe at the concentrations used in hand sanitizer. Wikipedia says that “Hand sanitizer based on benzalkonium chloride are more effective due to better residual activity and less irritant than alcohol gels. As an antiseptic, it has the advantage of not burning when put on a wound, which is not the case with ethanol-based antiseptics or hydrogen peroxide.”

But, if are concerned about the chemical see the links we provided below and google it yourself to do a little research and come to your own judgement about it.

safeHands® and safeSquirts® comes in three colors and fragrances: Bubble Gum, Cool Blue, and Tooty Fruity.

You Can Purchase safeHands products by clicking the links above and below:

safeSquirts® 1.75 Oz. Bottle



safeSquirts® 7.5 Oz. (Case)




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