My NapPak: Nap Mat for Preschoolers

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My Nap Pak is an all-in-one, mat, blanket and pillow. rolls up and cinches shut with long Velcro strips and has a carry strap attached to it as well. It has built-in padding which is great for use on the floor. The attached pillow is firm and comfortable and keeps it shape after use and washings.

My NapPak was founded by Beth Clampitt in Dallas, Texas, in September 2001. One day when picking her 18-month-old son from a daycare program she realized that he was stuck to the nap mat provided by the daycare due to sweating and drooling on the plastic nap mat. The nap time mat provided for children to lie on in a majority of preschools is covered with a plastic surface which makes it easily sanitized but not very user friendly for the child who is lying on it. Plastic is hot, nonabsorbent, and not comfy or snuggly.

After a personal search for such a comfortable nap mad she made her son his own all-in-one nap mat. Her My NapPak was comfortable, durable enough to handle weekly washings, and keeps the child from direct contact with a mat that another child had napped on the day before.

Parents and schools responded enthusiastically to her design. My NapPak is versatile enough to use for a variety of situations – school and day-care, traveling, and sleeping over at grandparents, and children love the colorful, whimsical designs.

Buy your own My NapPak by clicking links below:

My Nap Pak-NOAH’S ARK-The All-In-1 Pillow, Comforter & Blanket

My NapPak Lil’ Princess Napmat

Lots of Dots Sleeping Bag

My NapPak Stars and Stripes Sleeping Bag

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