Transform Your Table: Project for Nannies and Au Pairs

Wednesdays With Whitney

If you care for a toddler, you know that no craft stays contained. Paint will get in their hair, glue will get on your toes, and glitter will adorn the cracks of the dining room table for life.

But don’t let that stop you from all the crafting fun! Follow these easy directions to make a table cover that can alleviate some of your messy fears while encouraging your charge’s creativity.


• Butcher Paper
• Tape
• Paints and Markers


1. Start with covering the dining room table with butcher paper. Tape it down to ensure it stays in place

2. Add a theme to your table. Whether it be fall, Christmas, or a Birthday, the kiddos will appreciate the simple addition to their festivities

3. Make sections on the table to encourage various educational activities. Make a section for the little ones to practice their letters, a corner for them to free paint, and even a portion devoted to mazes. It turns a table cover into an activity center for the kiddos!

This project is by Whitney Ziebarth who also shares these activities with readers daily at The Naptime Nook.

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