Wednesdays With Whitney

Get Organized
When school starts, the chance of missed communications between nannies and parents increases greatly. There are so many permission slips, class requirements, and activity lists that run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle of the day (or in the middle of a tantrum). Follow these easy directions to build a fun binder which will keep everyone on the same page!

·         Binder
·         Markers and Stickers
·         Loose Leaf Paper
·         Binder Tabs

1.      Start with the fun part – decorating! Make the binder bright and colorful so it fits in well with your little one’s School Corner. Make sure to follow a theme with the rest of the school stuff so even your little one who can’t read will know where his/her school binder is.
2.       Separate your binder the following way:
a.      Place a few pages of loose leaf in the front for quick after school notes. Did the teacher recommend tutoring? Was an assignment missed? Jot it down before you get too busy!
b.      1st Tab – General School Information. Here you put all the important information you got at the beginning of the year (Calendar, Class List, In Class Requirements)
c.       2nd Tab – Homework. I find it easiest to put the “to be done” homework in the front pocket of the binder and the “already graded” homework filed under this tab.
d.      3rd Tab – Permission Slips. Do the same thing you do with homework. Keep “to be signed” permission slips in the front pocket, and “already signed” slips in the back.
e.      4th Tab – After School Activities. Keep all the papers related to your little one’s after school activities kept under this tab.
f.        5th Tab – Special Announcements. Place things like that flyer about school spirit day under here.
g.       6th Tab – Miscellaneous. Everything you can’t fit into the other tabs should go here.
3.     Don’t forget to include a calendar somewhere so everyone has their days coordinated! It could go on the back of the binder or even on the front pocket. If you can’t find a place for it in the binder, then make sure it’s in a nearby and visible space, like Whitney’s Practical Homemade Calendar. 

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