Products Nannies Love: EZ Freeze Containers

How Do You Keep Kids’ School Lunches Cold?

Ez Freeze Lunch 2 Go Cool Gear

I’ve always found it hard to keep school lunches cold. The kids complain that ice packs are heavy and I always worry that dairy products will spoil before the kids eat them at lunch time.

When the toddler and I have long outings to the zoo or playground I’ve also avoided bringing dairy products with us because I haven’t been able to keep them cold. But, last week I stumbled across Stay Fit EZ Freeze products that I love and worked at keeping the perishable foods in the kids’ lunches cold.

The genius of these products is that they have freezer gel filled lids and/or walls. Simply freeze the lids or parts of the containers that have the blue gel in them overnight. Then use them to keep the food cold the next day. The material used in the EZ Freeze products are BPA-Free. These aren’t as sturdy as stainless steel containers, but these products are very inexpensive and very easy to find. I recommend them because they work and you can get them at a very low price.

Stay Fit Lunch Chiller

The first Stay Fit EZ Freeze product I tried was the Lunch Chiller. I found these sandwich containers at the local grocery store. It came in a pack of three plastic sandwich boxes and the lids have blue freezer gel in them. I stuck the lids in the freezer and the next day popped a sandwich in one box and stored my charge’s fruit and vegetables in a second sandwich box. The cold lids can create condensation so the makers of the EZ Freeze containers recommend wrapping sandwiches in a plastic bags to prevent sandwiches from getting soggy. But, I haven’t used any plastic snack or sandwich bags for the sandwiches I have packed in the Lunch Chiller and the bread never got soggy.

Ez Freeze Lunch 2 Go Cool Gear

The sandwich container worked so well I decided to check for more EZ Freeze products and found they have a Lunch 2 Go Container. Not only does the locking lid have freezer gel in it, it also includes a compartment in the lid for a spork (shaped to be used as a fork or spoon) and knife that are included with the lunch box. The lunch box has three compartments making it even easier to fit a healthy protein, vegetables, pasta, or fruit in one lunchbox. Again, the makers of EZ Freeze containers explain that the frozen lids may create condensation so they recommend wrapping sandwiches in a plastic sandwich bag to prevent sandwiches from getting soggy. Again, I have had no complaints about soggy bread from the kids I used with this lunchbox.

Stay Fit Snack Stacker, EZ Freeze

These adorable EZ Freeze products come in a pack of three snack containers. The walls of the largest container and the lid of the middle container have the blue freeze gel in them. The largest is big enough to hold a regular yogurt cup. The middle container holds a sealed fruit cup or chopped fruit. The smallest container is handy for non-refrigerated snacks such as crackers, pretzels, and nuts. I definitely recommend buying more than one pack.

Stay Fit also makes EZ Freeze products for carrying yogurt, salads, cereal, and water bottles that I haven’t tried yet.

Click the green links to buy your own EZ Freeze products.


  1. I freeze the juice boxes and then put them in the lunch box. By lunchtime the juice is still cold but no longer frozen and the food stays fresh.

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