Nannies, What Products Can You Not Live Without?

Nannies Love Boppy Pillows

Susan Brown, a young Colorado mother, was asked by her daughter’s day care center to bring in a pillow to prop up infants who couldn’t yet sit on their own. In one night, she designed a C-shaped rounded pillow ideally suited to this task. Today, Susan’s ingenious design still holds true in every Boppy Infant Feeding and Support Pillow.

The Boppy brand has become vastly popular and now includes a prenatal collection to comfort the mom-to-be, products to support baby at play and on the go, as well as the original C-shaped Boppy Pillow that started it all.

Boppy Pillows not only lift babies to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feedings, it also transitions to support them as they grow. They offer the perfect spot for playing, sitting, relaxing, or just discovering little fingers and toes. We love many options for Boppy Pillow covers that you can just throw in the wash.

Every nanny and au pair working with a newborn or infant needs a Boppy Pillow. I know the Boppy Pillow is one baby product I could not live without.

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