Products Nannies Love: Boo Bunnies

Product Review Sunday

For 25-years, when a kiss and hug just isn’t quite enough to calm a child with a boo boo, Boo Bunnie Ice Packs save the day! A sweet plush bunny soothes the little one’s heart while the ice pack goes to work on the boo boo. Great for teething and for general wear and tear Boo Bunnie Ice Packs are a fantastic baby shower gift. They are available in many adorable colors and patterns. And even better, Boo Bunnie is an honored recipient of the iParenting Media Award given for product quality and excellence. Parents and babies love Boo Bunnie’s snuggly soft face and reusable ice cube! Store the ice cube in the freezer until needed. Cute plush bunnie cradles a plastic re-usable ice cube filled with distilled water. Store in freezer until needed, then watch adorable Bunnie soothe little one’s tears. The bunnies are washable. Every kid needs at least one Boo Bunnie Ice Pack.


  1. Sarah:My charges LOVE their Boo Boo Bunny!Lisa:we honestly use our former boo boo bunny similiarities for ice paks in the kids lunches when we need to keep something cold for them at school.Andrea:Yep…always have one ready in the freezer! thankfully we have only had to use it once so far…Shelby:i am an au pair currently in germany. one of my gifts when i moved here was booboo bunnies for my charges. the boys and the parents were amazed! i loved them growing up, so i am happy to carry on the tradition and introduce it to new people :)Amy:Wow. I remember how much you loved this. Then there was "Ouchie mouse". :)Debbie:Amy are you Shelby's mom? That's so cute. And so are boo bunnies!

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