Nannies Love the Lorex Live Snap Video Monitor

What’s Your Favorite Baby Monitor and Why?

All of the families I have worked for as a nanny over the past 19-years have used baby monitors. For this Product Review Sunday I want to share my favorite baby monitor of all, the Lorex LW2003 LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor.

Not only can you hear what is going on in four different rooms on one monitor, the color is sharp and clear, there is automatic night vision, the 100% digital technology ensures the signal is secure, interference-free, and has a wireless range of up to 450 feet, but you can also use this monitor as an intercom as well.

At my current job we have one camera set up in the playroom so I can talk to the older boys via the camera. I can tell them when it’s dinnertime via the monitor instead of yelling through the house. I also love the I can also see and speak to the baby to settle her down when she is restless and having difficulty falling asleep. I can see, hear, and speak to all of them from one tiny, lightweight, portable, rechargeable monitor.

Another bonus is you can snap, store, and share your precious moments with microSD™ recording. Instantly capture those special events in the child’s life with one-touch snapshot recording. View images on the handheld monitor, or transfer them easily to a PC or Macand share them on sites such as Facebook, Flicker, and Picasa.

Most of my employers have used the Safety 1st brand of video baby monitors which I haven’t liked as much. The battery life wears out within one-year and last year when I ordered the replacement battery it took four-months to receive the replacement that we were required to buy. The image quality of the Safety 1st brands I’ve tried weren’t as good as the Lorex brand either.

If your employers are looking for a baby monitor I high recommend the Lorex LW2003 LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor. With the great intercom features I’m sure you will use it with the older kids as well.


  1. Do you think there is any chance they are using this as a nanny cam as well, since you say it's recordable.

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