Do You Know a Nanny that Has Been Sexually Harassed?

Sexual Harassment and You

The recent revelations about presidential candidate Herman Cain and accusations by four women of sexual harassment by him reminded me of the poor understanding most nannies have of what actions constitute

The focus by the media is usually on physical sexual contact. But, any unwelcome sexual activity or unnecessary or inappropriate physical contact is harassment at a minimum, if not sexual assault. Any pattern of sexual comments, suggestive or lewd questions, lewd photos, pornographic drawings, or X-rated movies can be sexual harassment, especially if these create a hostile or offensive work environment. If sexual demands are a condition of employment or compensation, you can be certain you are a victim of sexual harassment.

Physical contact is not required for harassment to occur. These conditions are clearly enumerated in the New York State Domestic Workers Rights Bill. Please click here to see how to file a complaint if you beleive that you have been sexually harrased while working at your job.

Stop by tomorrow to discuss your charges and sexual harrassment.


  1. I have a friendthat had to leave her job the dad made her uncomfortable.

  2. IMO no nanny can sue a family for sexual harassment and expect to find another job as a nanny. I think any litigation against employers is a red flag for other parents and they won't hire you. When they "google" your name and it comes up as suing another family I think they would want to hire a nanny with less drama.

  3. I was sexually harrassed in one of my previous nanny jobs by a very rich, powerful boss and I was not the only one! It was pretty unbelievable; I never imagined someone could be like that! I was very young, naive and inexperienced back then but I quit after a few months. Since then I have worked for lovely, normal people!

  4. Pretty unusual. Because most of the time, the harasser is the nanny or the babysitter. But even so, everyone have the right to sue for sexual harassment.

  5. Dear Attorney:You are ignorant! You kidding me? You will find that 80% of children sexually abused are absued by family members! Fathers sexually harass nannies, not the other way around.

  6. The attorney's comments make me mad. First of all many nannies work and live in the same home. When they are sexually harrassed by the father they have no where to go so they stay at the job.The bigggest concern though is harrassment of kids. Article after this one explains half to 80% kids feel sexually harrassed. Then we are taught how to talk to kids about sexual harrassment. don't see how any nanny harrasses anyone.

  7. It it possible that in this attorney's experience, only employers have sued nannies and not the other way around. The employer is the one who has the financial resources to sue, and the incentive to do a pre-emptive strike on anything the nanny might say to hurt his reputation, even if it's the employer himself who is the abuser. Sexual harassment in a nanny job sometimes could be come-ons by a younger woman to an older man, I'm not saying it never happens, but is so much more likely to be a man without a moral compass taking advantage of a young woman in his home and under his direction and power, where there are no witnesses.As a nanny support group leader, I can tell you that I've heard multiple stories from nannies whose male employers sexually harassed them from leaving explicit magazines in her workspace and bringing his clothes into the kitchen to change in her presence, all the way up to and including rape with threat of prosecution if she told. (This one moved away and gave up nannying.) It's the powerful and entitled who tend to abuse others, rather than the gentle and nurturing. Figure who in the employer/nanny relationship is usually which.

  8. To the attorney:AMEN TO WHAT JANICE SAID!Exactly how does a nanny sexually harass their boss? Can you share one incident? You are an attorney so back it up with cases please. She'll just get fired. Typically the employee is harassed, not the boss! I think that nannies are sexually harassed, not the other way around.Meanwhile I know of stories of nannies feeling sexually harassed by the father employer. Never, ever heard of a nanny sexually harassing a boss, or any employee harassing a boss actually.

  9. As a professional nanny of 25 years I have met nannies and au pairs that were harassed at their positions. I personally know of one nanny that had an affair with her employer (father). I personally know of 2 nannies that were raped (yes charges were pressed against the employer).I know of 1 nanny that left her position for flirting with the dad. I was a counselor for an au pair group and had 2 au pairs removed from their homes for the father's coming onto them. 1 pressed charges for what she went through. The other went back to her home country. Both families were removed from the program.The harassment goes 2 ways. The topic is "Do You Know a Nanny that Has Been Sexually Harassed?" Where does it say do you know a nanny that is harassing?

  10. I call troll. I wouldn't expend my energy on this so called "attorney". I highly doubt any reputable attorney would use such a moniker.I'm luckily enough to say I've never ran across a nanny who has been harassed or any that had acted inappropriately with their employer.

  11. From Wikipedia:Sexual harassment, is intimidation, bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.For many businesses and other organizations, preventing sexual harassment, and defending employees from sexual harassment charges, have become key goals of legal decision-making.The nanny is the employee. I can't really fathom how a nanny could sexually harass an employer.

  12. I have a friendthat had to leave her job the dad made her uncomfortable.

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