Have You Ever Lost a Kid? Review of Child Locators

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Every nanny and au pair knows there isn’t anything more scary than when you think a child is right next to you, but suddenly you realize you can’t find them anywhere.

That’s why for the past few Product Review Sundays we have recommended child identification bracelets, IDs for shoes, and even tattoos. Today, we take keeping track of the little ones a step further by recommending the use of child locators. Let us know what child locators you have used and what you like or dislike about them.
GPS Child Locator Watch by Brickhouse

This functional, water-resistant 12-hour or 24-hour digital watch is designed for children ages three- to 12-years old. The exclusive Web platform allows you to locate your child from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone just by clicking “Where Are U.” You can also find the child by texting “WRU” directly from your phone. By setting GeoFence parameters (designated map areas on the Web platform), you can be alerted if the child exits or enters a certain area. You will also be alerted by text message and email if the watch is tampered with or removed. This new-and-improved child locator can last an entire day on a single battery charge (on normal tracking settings), so you won’t be bothered by the device dying while the child is still at play.

aaaSpark Nano

This is the smallest GPS tracker. According to BrickHouseSecurity.com, “This extremely sensitive device features superior receiving ability for real-time location updates on any computer with Internet. Its enhanced GPS sensitivity using GPRS and GSM networks, allows it to work in places where traditional GPS Trackers fail. You will get an accurate GPS location to within 15-feet under open sky where the device can get the greatest GPS satellite readout. Even if your tracker moves indoors, you will get an accurate location update before the GPS Tracker enters a building alerting you where the GPS Tracker is located. Based on your personal preferences, get instant alerts via e-mail or text message the moment your GPS Tracker goes outside of a designated area.” A panic button is available on the device and can be pressed continually to send multiple alerts. Offers real-time GPS location of your child. Panic button included. Works indoors and outdoors and you control range. Rugged, durable, water-resistant construction protects device. But, who has a personal computer handy when out and about? Well, cell phone tracking costs extra, as does the optional panic button service.

Mommy I’m Here Child Locator

aaaClip the bear receiver to the child’s shoe or belt and you keep the key chain transmitter. If you lose track of a little one just press your button and the receiver will sound a high-decibel beep, leading you to the child. Works at distances up to 150-feet, even through concrete walls. It is water resistant, with low power indicator. Batteries included. Choose pink, blue, or brown.

aaaGiggle Bug Toddler Tracker Child Locator

The Giggle Bug looks like a large, cute ladybug and attaches to a child’s clothing or backpack with a clip. It comes with a hand-held unit for the caregiver. To find the child, the nanny presses a button which activates the Giggle Bug to emit a loud beeping sound until the child is found. The Giggle Bug has a range of 75 – 100 ft. indoors and 100 + ft. outdoors, depending on the environment and obstructions in the area. Should the Giggle Bug become dislodged or is removed from the child’s clothing and the clip closes, the unit will “beep” and flash until the clip is opened and reattached. It is easy to use, tamper-resistant, and you can use multiple Giggle Bugs at the same time for multiple kids because they operate on different frequencies. But, it does not provide real-time GPS tracking like more expensive locators. It cannot be worn directly on the child, instead it attaches to clothing, which could be removed without activating the alarm.

aaaLevena CT Child Tracker Watch
This gadget works similar to the Giggle Bug but offers some additional features. The tracker is a wrist watch worn by the child with a receiver for the parent. It allows you to choose between three different range settings so it is adjustable for younger and older children. The receiver beeps faster and the LEDs blink faster when your child is close, and they slow down when your child is far, which can assist you in finding the child. A charger is included. It has a belt clip on the receiver so the caregiver does not have to carry it. Watch can be worn directly on the child instead of clothing. Expandable to allow up to four watches per receiver so you can track multiple kids. Offers choices for range settings. But, it does not provide real-time GPS tracking like more expensive locators. Can be removed from child without activating the alarm.

Family GPS Tracker
Family GPS Tracker is a free app for android phones that helps you track children’s status and safety. Location-based, Family GPS Tracker lists registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood. It also tracks the location of your loved ones who have phones or GPS devices of their own. Keeping track of family members involves installing the app on their phones and sending an invitation to link to your phone from the app home screen. Once linked, you will be able to see the locations of your loved ones. They can “check in” when they arrive at a location by tapping a green check on their main screen which shows up on your map screen as “safe.” The app also comes with a panic button. Tapping this button sends a text, email or phone call to your designated contacts created on the “Emergency Messenger” section of life360.com.



  1. I have used the "Mommy I'm Here" child locators but would prefer to try some of the GPS ones you listed. I take care of more than one kid and when you sound one of the "Mommy I'm Here" key chains, they all go off. Also, the bears go off at random times when they are bumped. One of the kids goes crazy at the playground so at least I have the piece of mind that if I could not find him I can use them.

  2. I don't like that some need a pc. Who takes a pc with them places. Has to be connected to your cell phone.

  3. IMO the mommy i'm here child locator is really annoying because 25 feet may sound like a lot but it’s not. The alarm is very high pitched and loud which would be great if we needed it but it always seems to go off before we want it to.

  4. Just realize that if the parents give you a cell phone to use for work then they are tracking you too. Not that that should offend you, you won't be doing anything, or going anywhere the parents don't want you to go anyway, right?

  5. Use a shock collar.

  6. Nannies always say "You Get What You Pay For" and in this instance it's true. The Giggle Bug is cheap and not worth buying. It isn't loud enough. Most of the public places you will go such as an amusement park, mall, airport, playground and pool are too loud to hear this device. Kids can take it off easily too. My friends say the newer version may be better. It's a good idea but didn't work for me.

  7. The new Giggle Bug locator is improved and upgraded. It does beep louder! The clip now has a tamper resistant safety alarm that sounds if someone takes the bug off the child, or if it becomes dislodged.

  8. If you want the app for your phone I feel the parents need to pay for the phone and such expenses…

  9. I brought this topic up and boss said the kids had locator on his phone. Helloooooo… how does that help me? I don't have a compatible phone!

  10. I think that is a very valid concern about the child having a locator on their google phone or i-phone but the nanny doesn't have a compatible phone with compatible apps. So what if the kid has a tracker, my phone isn't compatable with the kids phone and if we are outside not near a pc what good does that do?

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