Our Favorite Backpack Baby Carrier: Chicco Smart Support Backpack

Products Nannies Love for Product Review Sunday

Over the past few days we have discussed the benefits of baby wearing, the dangers of using baby slings with babies under four-months old, and we reviewed the book Babywearing by Maria Blois.
We reviewed our favorite pouch baby slings and ring sling adjustable baby carriers. We discussed why the BabyBjorn Original is our favorite front baby carrier, why we love the ERGObaby convertible baby carrier, and why the Moby Wrap Carrier is our favorite baby wrap carrier.

Yesterday we reviewed The Attachment Parenting Book by William Sears who coined the term “babywearing.”

Finally today, we recommend the Chicco Smart Support Backpackas our favorite backpack carrier. Using a child backpack carrier isn’t necessary when running daily errands. But, if you will be carrying a child for long distances for a long time, backpack carriers may be a great choice.

The Chicco Smart Support Backpackis a versatile and comfortable baby backpack carrier. For your comfort, the Chicco Smart Support Backpackoffers padded shoulder and waist straps plus a padded and ventilated back and lumbar support area. This is an especially welcome feature, as it reduces the heat and strain on your back while you walk. The Chicco Smart Support’s padded seat adjusts to three positions to accommodate a child’s. It can carry a child up to 40-pounds. The attached hood protects their sensitive skin from the sun and a zip on/off rain cover. The kickstand folds in while you walk, then pops back out when you need to get the child in or out of the seat safely. It also doubles as their footrest.


  1. I cannot recommend this for everyone. I prefer a wrap sling or using the stroller. But, the father I work for uses this daily. He loves being outdoors and he finds it easier than pushing a stroller around. He finds it comfortable and it keeps the baby safe and secure. I think it's ok for the parents to use a different carrier than the nanny. That's what we do.

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