Could Your Charge Be a Bully?

Is your charge a bully, but you, the parents, and child don’t know it? There are many reasons to kick the bully habit. Many bullies grow up into adults who bully their families, friends, and co-workers, causing all sorts of problems with relationships and careers.
To help determine if a child is a bully ask yourself these questions:
1. Does it make the child feel better to hurt other people or take their things?
2. Does the child feel bigger and stronger than other people their age? Do they sometimes use their size and strength to get their way?
3. Does the child seem to avoid thinking about how other people might feel? Do they ever say or do hurtful things to others?

How can you stop a child from being a bully?

1. Have the child apologize to people they have bullied, and follow it up by being friendly to them.

2. Help boost the child’s self-esteem. Assist them with finding a new hobby, do volunteer work, or get involved with a sport.

3. If the child is having trouble controlling their feelings, especially anger, have them talk to a school counselor about it. Perhaps you can gently suggest to the parents the child go to therapy.

Click here to visit the No Name-Calling Week web site for more suggestions and resources.

Could your charge possibly be a bully?

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