Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs: "Big Bird, Little Bird" by Sara Hickman

For this Weekly Trip to the Library I want to share a new video for mothers and their newborns, rather than a book. The new animated program, Big Bird, Little Bird by singer-songwriter Sara Hickman is coming to DVD June 15. It would make a great gift for a mother who is expecting or has just had a newborn.

Big Bird, Little Bird is based upon Hickman’s award-winning CD Newborn. It features 13 of her soothing songs for children ages newborn to five.

The DVD is brought to life through bright, colorful computer animation that engages young viewers and creates a calming bonding experience between parent and child.

The DVD also includes 14 short parenting tips — hosted by Sara Hickman, a former certified parenting instructor — offering ideas on what to expect as they enter their newborn’s life.

Sara Hickman’s previous CD releases include Newborn, a collection of 15 traditional and original tunes; Toddler, featuring 31 songs, stories, and poems approximately one minute in length; and Big Kid, 24 tracks featuring a variety of musical styles.
To order the new DVD visit http://www.sarahickman.com/.


  1. Thanks for posting about a dvd because you can rent dvds at the library and it is much cheaper than a movie rental store. My mom boss is expecting in August and I will purchase this as part of her gift when the baby boy arrives.Imani

  2. What are other good ideas for expectant mothers? My Mom Boss is having a baby in September?

  3. I bought my mom boss swaddlers. They are blankets with velcro on them to make swaddling easy. They cost about $10 and something I knew I could use too.

  4. When buying gifts for new mothers keep it simple and cheap. They will be getting tons of new clothes and gifts. Althogh they will notice you give a gift doubtful they'll remember what in the tons of gifts they get. For my current boss I got a necklace at Kohls for new moms under $20. She wore it the first week she was home with the new baby. Previously I spent a fortune and the babies grow out of the clothes so fast the baby only wore each item I bought once (and that's just because I put her in them clothes)! Not worth spending too much money. NY Nanny

  5. Just give the new mom a gift certificate of free babysitting and a gift certificate to the spa or for manicure and pedicure — something to pamper herself. Special soaps and pjs are nice too. Something for mom, everyone gives for baby.

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