What are the Kids Being for Halloween?

Many nannies have been emailing Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking what children are wearing for Halloween costumes. We don’t know. So we welcome nannies and au pairs to send us photos of their charges wearing their costumes.

Obama Hundred Dollar Bill
To the left is the most createive Halloween costume we received so far. The Obama hundred dollar bill was made by a mother in Montclair, New Jersey for her son.


  1. 3 year old sister and brother twins are going as minnie mouse and micky mouse.Farah W.5 yrs Nanny experienceDenver Colorado

  2. I care for twins too and they are dressing as superman and wonderwoman.Nikki Memphis

  3. The son I care for is going to be a serial killer. He will be wearing what looks like a table with a box of cheerios cereal on it and a fake knife and fake blood in the box of cereal. Get it? "Cereal" Killer.Nanny Loretta 20 Years Nanny ExperienceMiami

  4. Snow White for the girl, Buzz Lightyear for the boy. Me a mean old witch (not a long stretch) ha ha.

  5. harry potter theme in the house i work in. i am exhausted already. i used to love this holiday but i am getting too old…i am exhausted.

  6. Disney characters with my kids. Ariel, Mcqueen, and Minnie Mouse for us. I do not dress up anymore.

  7. The mother is dressing as Judge Judy. I have a standard clown costume. One daughter is going to be a cat, the other an indian (native american) and the boy the typical scream costume.Margaret T.Kentucky

  8. I have twins dressing up as Beauty and the Beast. So much fun!Terry in Chicago

  9. Boys dressed as Star Wars characters (who knows the names?) and baby girl is princess Lea.

  10. The boys were Star Wars and the girls were Disney Princesses but by the end of the day they were just crazy tired kids! :)Denise S.Portland Suburbs

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