Children’s Father’s Day Books

Weekly Trip to the Library for Au Pairs and Nannies

A Father’s Song
By Janet Lawler
In lyrical and charming verse, a father expresses his deep love for his child. With its warm text and lively illustrations that capture a fun day at the park, it’s the perfect Father’s Day picture book.

Butterfly Kisses
By Brooke Carlisle
This gift book contains the story of”Butterfly Kisses” plus the lyrics of thesong with pictures of fathers and daughtersin various stages of growth and life-fromchildhood and adolescence to the teenyears, graduation from high school, andmarriage. The entire book is filled with emotion and beauty,with full-color photography and design

I Love My Daddy Because…
By Laurel Porter-Gaylord
This beloved, best-selling book, is a board book for small hands. The youngest nursery tots will appreciate how phrases and actions from their own experiences also apply to animal babies. Each book begins with an affectionate scene between a human parent and child, but moves on to care giving in animal families. “She listens when I talk” shows a mama cat and her mewing kitten. “She tucks me in” features a kangaroo with her joey peeking out of her pouch. “He sings me songs” shows a gray wolf and his cub. In concept, text, and art, these are among the most warm and reassuring lap books ever.

More Father’s Day children’s books are listed in the June 2009 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter. Stop by our blog next Saturday for more book reviews.


  1. In the newsletter you suggested Daddy Is a Doodlebug By Bruce Degen and I went to Barnes and Noble and read it to the children and they loved it so I bought it and gave it to the father as my gift yesterday (I won't see him over the weekend). I tend to give too many gifts and parents say I shouldn't but it's hard not to. We work in the parent's home and they give me so much. It is the salary they pay me that bought the gift. A book does not seem like too much to give for a gift to the father.Steff Newark NJ

  2. The family I work for is expecting a newborn. I bought a father's baby book for his gift. But usually, I do not give father's day gifts to my employer.Nanny for 24 yearsNatasha, Chicago IL

  3. These books would have made great gifts for the father I work for. Never even thought of buying him a book to read to his kids. Bummer.Anne-MarieLivingston, NJ

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