By Andrea Flagg, Nanny and Nanny Alliance of New York and New Jersey

Consider these tips if you have lost your nanny job. Always keep these tips in mind just in case you lose your job.

1. Severance: Have an agreed upon severance plan written into your work agreement.

2. Unemployment Benefits: One of the benefits of paying taxes is getting unemployment reimbursement. Apply for unemployment immediately if you have lost your job.
Learn more about nanny taxes by clicking the following link:

See an archive about nanny taxes by clicking the following link:

3. Evaluations: Have your employers complete a written nanny evaluation every three- to six-months to include with your nanny portfolio.

4. Resume: Update your resume every few months. Learn more about creating a resume at the following link:
See a sample nanny resume by clicking here:

5. References: Ask former employers, parents, teachers, or neighbors to write letters of reference.

6. Nanny Portfolio: If you have lost your job you have plenty of time to work on your nanny portfolio. If you are currently working, keep updating your portfolio.
See how to create a portfolio by clicking the following link:

7. Contact local nanny agencies: Reputable nanny agencies can be a nanny’s best advocate. The best way to find a great nanny placement agency is by asking other nannies and families which agencies they used. Read more about working with nanny placement agencies by clicking here:

8. Nanny Web Sites: Sign up with nanny employment web sites via the Internet.

9. CPR and First Aid: Get CPR and First Aid certified or renew your certification.

10. Education: Use your down time to take child related courses or research current childcare issues. Read more about nanny training by clicking on this link:

11. Network: Tell anyone who will listen that you are searching for a new nanny position.

12. Have a Back-Up Plan: Is there another profession you can fall back on while you search for a great nanny job?

13. Savings: Have a special savings account stashed away that you can dip into if needed.

14. Temporary Jobs: Work temporary and part-time jobs until you find a great full-time position.

To learn more about the Nanny Alliance of New York and New Jersey visit their web site at:
If you have any other ideas to add to this list please post in comments below.


  1. What about an IRA. Should I take my money out?

  2. Nanny share. If your employers need to reduce hours don’t be insulted. It’s not personal. Try to keep the job and find another family to work with too. Two part-time jobs is better than one.Denise, Southern Jersey

  3. Don’t be too picky unemployed ladies. You can always look for a job while working a part-time nanny position. Keep that money rolling in.

  4. Good advice! Nanny Kim from Long Island

  5. I have gone through this blog. I found it very interesting and helpful. Nowadays I am completing my online degree course from home.So this blog really doing great for me.Part time jobs online

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